What You Need To Know About Triple Net Lease, Nashville


Do you have hopes to begin investing in the real estate market?

Are you thinking about going in the direction of a triple-net lease, Nashville?

Take a look at your resources and goals as an investor, then go over the pros and cons of the different types of investment.

Some individuals find that the most financially wise choice is triple net properties with investment-grade tenants. Others believe the best route is typical rentals or vacation homes.

The Venture Group wants you to accomplish all of your real estate dreams!  Today, we will go over the advantages and disadvantages of investment-grade, long-term triple net lease, Nashville.

What Is A Triple Net Lease, Nashville?

NNN Property Agreements NashvilleA triple net or NNN property lease is an agreement between the property owner and the tenant. The tenant pays the expenses associated with the property, such as maintenance, insurance, and taxes.

This type of lease can be great for both the property owner and the tenant. It is a sought out agreement because of its many benefits.

In a NNN lease, the tenant can get a lower rent. At the same time, the owner has a low-maintenance property and income that comes without the stress and responsibility of the average property.


What Are Investment Grade Tenants

Many investors are interested in having investment-grade tenants attached to their triple net lease, Nashville.

American Investment Properties says that investment-grade tenants are investment rating of BBB- or a Moody’s rating of Baa. These ratings are often for national companies that have proven through their ratings and success that they are unlikely to default on their lease agreement.

When you ensure that your tenant’s ratings are excellent, you can avoid potential issues involved with defaulting. Make sure that you find investment-grade tenants who you can trust to stay true to the lease agreement.

If you want help looking into other national companies and comparing investment-grade tenants, or tenant ratings click here for support from the professionals at The Venture Group.

The Advantages

Do you want to build wealth and have a steady income without much effort put in daily?

Investment-grade, long-term triple net leases are a great way to increase your income without having to be hands-on with the property.

Long-term triple net leases, Nashville are easy to manage because the investment-grade tenants take on most of the responsibility when it comes to the property.

Tenants take care of property maintenance, taxes, and insurance, making triple net leases, Nashville a very desired type of investment.

When working with investment-grade tenants, you are more likely to have high profits because these national companies often have higher yields and pay more for their rent.

Make sure you look carefully at tenant ratings!

The Disadvantages

Every type of investment does have some potential downsides as well. When it comes to investment-grade tenants, there are a few cons to consider.

There is always a chance that your tenant will default on the lease. Defaults cause you to have a lapse in income and would cause you to need to begin the search for a new investment-grade tenant.

Looking at tenant ratings before signing on is an excellent way to avoid this potentially expensive and time-consuming problem. Plus, when you work with investment-grade tenants, defaults on the lease are very unlikely.

In every type of investment, it is crucial to consider the market and its fluctuations. However, it is even more important to consider market fluctuations when it comes to triple net leases, Nashville, or any kind of investment-grade long-term lease.

Long-term leases are fixed for long periods and will not allow you to change the prices as the market goes up or down.

The risks are worth the reward of a sustainable income, with little management for many. Wise investors prepare and put safeguards in place to try and avoid potential problems. Looking carefully at tenant ratings is an excellent way to avoid problems.

Next Step As An Investor

Have you been thinking about investing in a triple net lease, Nashville?

Are you busy researching investment-grade tenants and tenant ratings in preparation?

The investments you make are important life choices that should be deeply considered and researched. If you are new to this type of investment, don’t try to do it alone!  Work alongside professionals who can guide you through your real estate dreams!

The Venture Group will proudly serve you and can help you decide if investment-grade tenants are a good choice for you!

Click here to contact the experts at The Venture Group today!



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